Those committed to social investment believe that the best long-term investments combine positive social and financial performance.


At the Camejo Group, we specialize in custom designed portfolios for the individual investor concerned with preservation of principal, market returns, and following socially responsible guidelines. 

We can help you to:

  • Prepare your Strategic Investment Plan, customized to your unique financial and social standards, including Retirement Planning, Education Funding, Trust Management, and Charitable Gifting
  • Apply your personal view of "Social Responsibility" into your investment strategy
  • Diversify your asset allocation to meet your needs for growth, income and safety
  • Access the complete range of investment choices, including custom stock and bond portfolios, mutual funds, insurance products, and linked index notes
  • Participate in shareholder advocacy campaigns and High-Impact Community Investments
  • Monitor your investment performance with a Financial Advisor who will honor your values as well as your financial goals

For a Free, No Obligation Financial Consultation click on the Contact Us link above and fill out the "Contact Form." A Camejo Group advisor will contact you.

It has been our policy since inception to accept all account sizes; we have no minimum investment. The Camejo Group seeks to help small investors and working people as well as those with larger portfolios.

To learn more about Socially Responsible Investing read: The SRI Advantage by Peter Camejo