Social Screening

Profits without responsibility contain hidden costs that are eventually passed along to investors, consumers, communities, and the environment.

We use social research, analysis, and screening to complement traditional financial analysis for two primary reasons:

  1. We believe information on corporate social performance identifies risks & liabilities that may have a negative impact on corporate earnings and, in turn, stock price performance.

  2. We view social indicators as a reflection of quality management, historically one of the most reliable predictors of stock price performance.

We know that socially responsible investors are selective investors.

Our clients want to avoid problematic companies and invest in businesses that actively seek to benefit society and the environment or, at the least, whose impact is neutral.

Our individually tailored screening methodology, our industry experience, and our research resources provide clients with the most complete set of tools to put their values into financial action.


Our "client-directed" social screening process creates an unique social profile for each client. Clients define their own standards for corporate social performance across many social issues. Some common screens are listed below:

Avoidance Screens - Companies with significant problems in the following areas are often avoided:



Nuclear  Power




Product/Services Quality

Gay and Lesbian  Rights

Employee Relations

Repressive Regimes

Equal Opportunities

Animal Rights

Supportive Screens - Companies showing exceptional commitment in the following areas are often sought out:



Equal Opportunities

Product/Services Quality

Animal Rights

Alternative Energy

Organic Agriculture

Community Relations

Gay and Lesbian Rights

Employee Relations

Personal Empowerment

At the Camejo Group, clients choose not only the social issues to be factored into their portfolio, but more specifically, the degree of importance placed on each issue in the decision-making process.

The result is a socially invested porfolio that is aligned with a client's interests and values, whether the client is a religious institution, a public pension fund, a private foundation or simply a concerned individual.